Got Clients? As an equine assisted coach, clients are what feed you and your horses!

With a simple marketing plan, you can reach and secure more clients. 

Let’s create one today.


“Got the horses, training and certification, and now ready to meet with clients. So where are they and how do I let them know about me and my services?”

So many new and veteran equine assisted coaches have asked this very question on numerous occasions.

It all starts with a plan. Mapping out your marketing strategy is like a treasure map, leading to more clients and a thriving business. Don’t leave your success to chance! Map it out and have the confidence that clients will find you.

As a successful coach and equine business owner for over a decade, I know the challenges we face to keep our barn doors open, horses fed and a steady stream of clients to make this passion profitable.

Having a solid strategy for marketing my services has proven to be the best investment made for me and my horses. And it gave me peace of mind having a plan in place. I knew what to expect and how to deal with change.

With a strategic plan you too will have the peace of mind of generating monthly income and be prepared for any horses related emergencies should they come up (and we know with horses that can be any day!)

Successful marketing can transform your equine business from a hobby to a profitable and sustainable business model.

It doesn’t have to be scary; you are not alone. I can help you with the plan and the implementation.  Let’s chat and unfold that map to success!

For a FREE consultation on creating your custom designed marketing plan, please complete the new client form. I’ll be in touch to get you started!