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Equine Assisted Professionals

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Marketing for the equine world is both a skill and artform. If you’re not in the business, you don’t know the business. And still very few are good at it. Most are not. It’s time to change that!

As an equine assisted coach and business owner, I have a decade of experience in the arena and in the office. Both are well crafted and mastered practices that make for a successful business. 

A key driver of success in any business is marketing. Getting your message out there, reaching the right clients that are looking for your services.

Many practitioners know their craft, trained and certified to provide equine assisted services to their clients. Unfortunately, most do not have the business savvy or inclination to take on the marketing challenge to drive the business model.

Developing an equine business, like any business, requires due diligence for knowing your market, understanding their needs and providing solutions that make an impact on them, their lives and business.

Let me help you get there with a customized marketing strategy and marketing tools for implementing your plan. 

There is a solution!

Delegate the task to a professional who knows the business and has the expertise to support your marketing needs.

Equine Marketing Solutions

was created to support the growing field of equine assisted professionals.

To help YOU reach your full potential as a coach and business owner.

To THRIVE, not just survive.

It takes a lot of hay to feed your horses and keep them healthy and thriving as your co-facilitators. So, let’s keep you in business, in the arena and making a difference in this world. The world is depending on us to continue this important work. I am dedicated to you and the cause.

Call me today to map out your marketing plan for success. I see a barn party in your future!

Authentically yours, Margaret

My Creative Work in Action

The Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A) is an international professional membership organization that builds, delivers, and supports excellence in the field of Equine Assisted Learning.

Leadership Smarts, a Boulder, CO based company providing leadership development and alignment practices to executives and their teams.

Equinemity, LLC, an equine assisted coaching company located in Reno, NV.

Roam Consulting, LLC is a leadership development and coaching company based in Seattle, WA.  Leadership with Horses is their premier program for leaders and their teams.