Website Audits & UX Copywriting

When was the last time you took a good look at your website? Whether brand new or a few years old, our websites need to grow with our business.

We change, our focus might change and even our services might change. Over time it’s inevitable.

A thorough review of your website and its content will test its effectiveness, relevancy and ROI for your business. Is it truly a reflection of you and your business? If not, you are losing revenue!

website content audit is just the ticket to get a real handle on its effectiveness and your ROI.

With my expertise as a web content auditor and editor, I will submit your website to a rigorous 21 point checklist:

  • based on industry best practices;
  • reveal the good bad and ugly;
  • presented to you in a detailed report that will point out the areas in need of content revisions or technical fixes;
  • confirm those areas working for you and those that are under performing.

Site audit or not, I am poised to support you and your business with fresh and compelling copywriting for a single landing page or every page on your site. In today’s marketplace, the user experience is KEY to a successful business transaction. Make no mistake, the buyer’s journey from research, connection and trust, your site needs to make the potential customer feel welcome and confident they are in the right place. If not, they are gone!

My promise to you:

  • To use key words that reflect your mission;
  • To use words that illustrate the impact and value of your offerings;
  • To research relevant key words to increase your site’s ranking for optimum visibility;
  • To create UX copy that creates the ultimate user experience;
  • To offer design recommendations to maximize client engagement.
“Margaret has so many skills! She is a talented coach, but also knows how to build a coaching practice using effective marketing skills. We had her review our LeadershipSmarts website and I was so grateful for the clear and detailed recommendations she provided for our site to engage our audience and sell for us”.