How’s the health of your website?


Did you know that more than  60% of website traffic comes from mobile devices? And 92.3% of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone? Yep, that hand held device we are never without is our lifeline for work and play. If you’re running a business, online access is “best” as in “found” by phone not via the desktop pc. It’s handy, fast and friendly: but only if YOUR website is mobile friendly. Why?

Google’s “mobile-first indexing and ranking” for the entire Web took effect in March 2021. What does that mean for a business owner like you? Well, it means your website is indexed and ranked by Google using only your website’s mobile version, excluding all that wonderful “seen-only on desktop” content you wrote.

That’s a big hit for those sites not mobile-friendly!

Now Google has been doing mobile-first indexing/ranking for some time with new sites. This is the default for ALL websites. If your website was built on a platform that does not support mobile devices, aka, mobile responsive, you need to get it fixed now! Your site ranking is at serious risk. And this translates to lost business and revenue.

Is this a business crisis? Well maybe, but only if you procrastinate and do nothing. Recently built websites are designed with the smartphone in mind, thus mobile friendly from the get-go. However, older sites were not built with this in mind and thus require an upgrade to become mobile friendly. That’s a lot of business dollars being left on the table by companies that fail to heed the warning.

If your website is that old that it is not mobile friendly or responsive, it’s safe to say the content on your website needs a health check up as well. Launching a website and then never updating the content is a sign to any visitors that this site is old and probably out of business. Don’t let potential clients walk away!


A readily available solution is just a click away. Performing a website content audit allows you to review its status, the relevance of the content and other SEO considerations to ensure your website is working successfully for you and meeting your business goals. Adding more dollars in YOUR pocket!

So, I gotta ask: “Is your website working for you?”

As a professional copywriter and certified web content consultant, I can help you address this issue of mobile responsiveness and identify other areas of concern on your website. Specifically, I will review the following:

  • Your customer-focused messaging
  • Your customer needs / problem and solution you provide
  • Your clearly defined competitive edge
  • Your identity with local information for search engines
  • Your clear call to action for next steps

With SEO issues and missed opportunities identified, your website can get back to business: creating business opportunities for you!

This action alone will make a HUGE difference on your ROI.

Investing in your website content are dollars well spent.

Contact me for a free website content audit consultation. A healthy website is a wealthy website.